Thursday, March 28, 2013

What Moves You?

I would love to hear about an experience that you had when a piece of art "MOVED" you and stirred an emotion within your soul.  Where were you and do you remember the details of the piece or the artist's information?

I was reading through my Facebook updates this morning and had to read an entry by fellow artist (I love saying that) Elizabeth Robbins.  She stated, "This is why I paint. My soul touches another through my paintings."  She went on to share a letter that she had received from a collector that had just purchased one of her paintings and had relayed the emotional response that the collector's husband had when he saw the painting for the first time.  

Moving the viewer is what art is all about.  My goal with each piece should be to transfer the emotion that I felt when I was taking that hike, viewing the sunrise or witnessing the color splash of a blooming cactus against a rugged landscape to the viewer.  Now not everyone is going to be impacted the same by my art.  Often there will be a memory stirred of a place visited or a special childhood remembrance brought to mind and we don't all share the same memories or emotions.    A piece of art isn't just a wall decoration that is purchased because of the current color of your sofa.  Real art should be something that makes a connection to the viewer.  You want that person to love looking at your piece everyday and never grow tired.  I of course am not implying that my work has reached that level yet but as a landscape artist that is a level I'm trying to attain.  My work may never hang in a famous gallery or be invited to show internationally like some artists enjoy, but someday I too hope to have collectors of my art and people bringing me photos of some favorite vacation memory to commission a piece for them to cherish and pass on to their children.  

As my mission statement declares, "I want to leave little pieces of my heart framed and hanging on a wall for everyone see it, appreciate it and remember me by."  If your interested in seeing my work, be sure and check out my website and gallery at

Here is the latest piece I have completed during my lessons with landscape artist, Lily Adamczyk.  This piece MOVES me and I hope that it has that same impact on you.   My goal with taking lessons is that I will be able to paint with such proficiency and color accuracy on my own without Lily looking over my shoulder.  I just want to be a sponge and  soak up the 40 years of her experience in each two hour session, but that takes time and LOTS of practice. Oh and LOTS of LESSONS!

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