Saturday, May 7, 2016

In Honor of Mothers of SNOT Nosed Kids Everywhere!

Who Needs a Tissue- 8 x 10 Pen and Ink/Colored Pencil
So I just had to share the little poem I wrote this morning to accompany the sketch I did earlier this year that I call "Who Needs a Tissue".  The subject matter may be a bit on the gross side, but it just fits perfect with my drawing.

I had so much fun writing this little verse that I think I might just start writing something for each of my sketches.  Who knows...maybe this will turn into a book for the grandchildren of sorts.

I know all mothers of small children can so relate to my poem and so I've decided to have a MAY 2016 MOTHER'S DAY GIVEAWAY.  I would love to send you a 4" x 6" art magnet of my "Who Needs a Tissue" along with a signed copy of my new poem.  Here's what I need you to do anytime this week Mother's Day Week between May 7-14th:

  1. Go to my website at and find the answer to the following question: What issue of Gold Prospector Magazine featured a 2 page article on my artwork? (I have the answer in a number of places so just open some of the tabs and look around.)
  2. Send me an email from my website contact page giving me the answer to my questions and your full name and mailing address. (Sorry United States Only)
  3. And finally, leave me a comment or a shout out on this blog entry below just letting me know you were here and if you enjoyed my blog.

Go Grab a Tissue PLEASE
Julie Townsend

Picking or licking your nose is a bad habit I say
I promise you will regret that you did it some day
When all the other calves are playing, jumping and having fun
You will be too embarrassed to join them to rumpus and run
So when the hay fever strikes and won't slow
And the snot runs free like a steady river flow
When that fountain is turned on and you have the urge to sniff and snort
And even though God has given you a tongue that is far from short
Please! Oh please! Go grab a hanky or better yet, a big wad of tissue
To handle the problems of your snot and dripping green issue 
Blowing your nose is so much better than using a tongue to lick

Be considerate of those around you for you will surely make them sick


  1. Replies
    1. So you were. Thanks Shanna for reading my blog today. I hope you enjoyed my little contribution to the literary collection of the world. Lol!

  2. U have definitely raised boys! LOL!

    1. You know we both did! Now we have a boat load of beautiful snot nosed grandsons. A new one just born today! I'm blessed to have so many noses to wipe.

  3. Love it. So talented. Art... prose...and waffle master.

    1. Thank you so much Kate. You are one of my dearest supporters. Thanks for all your kind words.