Saturday, May 28, 2016


One thing that my 3 year old curly headed grandson always asks me for when he comes to visit is SPRINKLES.  You know the colorful little edible spots that you can buy by the jar or the tub in the cake decorating section of the grocery store.  We actually have to buy our sprinkles in a larger quantity like you get at bulk stores just to keep up with his frequent requests for the little delights.  

I have been telling him for a little while now that I was going to draw him with sprinkles on his face. He always gives me his cute little smile and you can just see the wheels inside his head turning as he is trying to visualize how that would look.   So to be true to my word, yesterday I came up with this little rough draft sketch.

I am still working out the details of how I want the sprinkles to look but I wanted to share with you this morning my rough draft and the little poem, "Ode to Sprinkles" I have written so far to go along with the concept.  

I though this blog might just add a little COLOR to your day and hopeful a smile to your face.


Julie Townsend

Let me sing a song about SPRINKLES
On the roughest days you smooth out all my wrinkles 
I love you and all your tasty brightfulness 
Like magic tiny rainbow sugar pills of delightfulness 
A spoonful of SPRINKLES before I get out of bed 
Helps me think more clearly in my head 
SPRINKLES with my lunch 
Just for color and added crunch 
Give me more SPRINKLES   with my supper meal 
There is really no denying that my love for them is real 
Give me SPRINKLES by the spoon 
I like to eat SPRINKLES by the light of the moon 
Or SPRINKLES in a bowl
SPRINKLES before my evening stroll 
SPRINKLES are perfect anytime of the day 

Give me more SPRINKLES!  Are you listening to what I say? 

First Rough draft that I did.  I added to my artistic Journal page

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