Thursday, May 26, 2016

Art Journaling

It was an epiphany!  My fascination with calendars, organization and art journaling, none of which I do very well could all be combined into one.  I never considered it until just now.  I have a dear friend, Victoria Thatcher who has always been so crafty and has really beginning to get noticed for her graphic creation of her lovely planner stickers.  I look at her stuff and while I love all of it, I just don't see me successfully keeping up with "THE HAPPY PLANNER".

How do you balance the technology the calendar on my tablet offers and the beauty of an artistic journal.  Even on my tablet I can't find the perfect calendar that allows me to both journal my day, have a to do list and document all my appointments. It is also so cold and sterile looking.  Certainly nothing to get excited about.   I don't think there is a perfect app out there so I'm just going to have to embark on a journal journey.

Every year I buy a new Marjolein Bastin planner, not because I just love the way the planner is organized but because of the beautiful illustrations she has done and the feel of an artistic journal that it has.  Her notes about the illustration printed on each page.  To be truthful and honest, I barely use the planner during the year but love to look at her amazing artwork.

I usually carry with me a portable sketching bag that contains several small sketchbooks and a "Creative Journal" but I hate to admit that both are sadly neglected.  I'm turning 55 this summer and what am I doing with my time!  I want to record my thoughts, special things in life and yet I just don't do because I"m so worried about it looking perfect or not having the "RIGHT" book with me at the time.  

NO MORE!  I'm turning over a new journal leaf and creating a gallery to document my discoveries. If you see me, you are not going to see my "LIFE JOURNAL" far away.  I read this blog yesterday by Hali Karla  and I love her quote
"An everyday {art} journal – one that you carry with you as much as possible – is a way of keeping track of the breadcrumbs in your life – you know, the little shimmers and synchronicities that vibrate in a moment but can be so easily forgotten as the moments move on."

I came up with this design this morning and snapped a quick picture of it with my phone as I ran off to work.  The pressure comes in when later I have to fill it with something that I hope is inspiring because 2016 is almost half over.  

A Blank Page in my Journal-ready for me to record my day

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