Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Country Plaid Christmas is HERE!

I know that I am about as late as an artist can be getting out Christmas designs here in the middle of  October, but it is what it is.  I stopped painting cowbells long enough last week to work on 6 new 2018 Christmas Card designs that I'm calling "Country Plaid Christmas" and they are now up an can be ordered on my Etsy Shop and Website .

Lately, I have noticed how popular black buffalo plaid is on the country decorating Facebook groups I belong to.  I can understand it because it looks great.  I have always loved plaid and there is just something about black and red that screams classic country Christmas in my mind.  So with that introduction, I present to you the fruits of my labor and I use the word labor loosely because designing is way more fun than hard work.

Christmas Surprise
Chihuahua Christmas
Crowing Rooster
Tangled Christmas Mouse

Decorating Mouse

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