Tuesday, October 9, 2018

SUNFLOWERS- the Garden Centurion

Sunflowers Galore!  The gentle giant of the garden. Standing tall and bright turning to meet the sun as it travels across the sky. Like a centurion guarding the summer warmth as we anticipate the soon coming autumn chill.  You are my garden hero, spreading cheer and happiness with a boldness of  bright yellow like none other.

I know as an artist I am about 4 months behind with my seasonal art.  I will get my act together in 2019. I should have all my Christmas designs finished by August and at this time be looking to the red and pink of Valentine’s Day but for some reason I am stuck in Autumn and a season of harvest and blessings.  I’m loving my newest designs that feature the amazing sunflower and I just wanted to take a few minutes to show you a few of my newest sunflower designs.  All of these designs are available in varying sized prints, greeting cards and beautiful 4 x 6 art magnets.

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Original Drawing included a very Grateful Mouse

Here I removed the mouse and added my drawing of a sweet little chickadee

Following Farmhouse decorating groups I've discovered that Buffalo Plaid is very popular

These designs make striking and unique greeting cards- Snail Mail is coming back in fashion

I came up with this design just last night using my sunflower drawing and a pumpkin graphics file

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