Sunday, March 29, 2015

Create It and They Will Come

I have been doing some research and browsing for examples of a commission agreement that I could use to create my own form.  This past week I was told that I might be getting a call from an individual that purchased one of my hand painted cowbells and that he was interested in getting me to paint a picture of long-horn steers and that confirmed to me that I needed to get busy.

Although, I haven't done very many commission art pieces yet in my short art career, they are a very important part of being a professional artist and so I am both nervous but excited about the possibility that someone may be calling.  I certainly want to be ready when it does happen and so today I created a Commission Agreement.  I have in my mind that it may be something like that Kevin Costner movie "Field of Dreams" and if I create the form then the commission requests will come!

There are basically 4 main sections to most of the contracts that I reviewed they are:

1.Artwork details- This is where you outline sizes, mediums, framing and anything else particular to this piece of artwork that is under consideration.  This might include some attached renderings.  Creating some small renderings is always a good idea so that the collector won't be completely caught off guard at the date of delivery.

2. Payment Schedules- Date the first payment, which is serves as a non-refundable deposit is due and the balance remaining at estimated delivery date.

3. Copyright- This is a standard statement that should accompany all of your artwork.  I have a very similar statement on my Certificate of Authenticity form.  I will be sharing that form in also in the next few weeks so please keep checking in.

4.  Right to Refuse- Gives the buyer one last chance to change their mind but also protects the artist.  The artist retains ownership of the piece that may be sold at a later date and gets to keep the non-refundable deposit for all the sweat and tears that when into creating a commission piece.

All the verbiage that I reviewed seemed to be very standard but the agreement covers the necessary points to protect both the artist and the collector.  Key point to me was collecting 1/2 of the total price as a non-refundable deposit.

So you can find the agreement that I came up with on my webpage.  I wanted to embed the document directly into this blog for you but learned that Blogger doesn't allow for that function so you will have to follow the link I've listed below and it will take you to my contact page where I have the document linked.  I'm happy to share this so feel free to adapt it to your own use and hopefully there are many occasions for us both to use it!

Julie Townsend Studio Contact Page

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