Tuesday, March 17, 2015

There is Someone Watching You!

Standing in front of my piece called "Casting out the Darkness"

Yesterday, I was told on two separate occasions that my progress as an artist is inspiring to others and that my work, struggles and artistic journey is being monitored silently on Facebook.

One was by a dear friend that is in a real life struggle surviving colon cancer.  I gave her two extra long hugs and she asked me to remember her in my prayers.  During our embrace she shared with me that she loves seeing all my beautiful artwork and that she is watching my progress through my posts to Facebook.

I just find it fascinating the interaction that goes on social media.  When I was young girl, growing up in rural Central Missouri, I was an avid letter writer.  My allowance was often spent on buying postage stamps. I would walk that 1/2 mile up the gravel road to the highway daily in hopes that there would be a letter waiting for me in our mailbox.   It was a definite highlight in my day when I received a letter.  How times have changed, because here I am today, drinking my favorite McDonald's coffee and composing this blog post on my iPad while enjoying the free WiFi.  This blog potentially may be read by many individuals from around the world.  That is an exciting prospect in my mind and so I keep blogging.  What a tool social media and email has become. 

If you are an artist and you don't have a Facebook page dedicated to your work, a blog that journals what you are currently working on or a webpage that serves as your cyber gallery then you are really missing out on such an opportunity to build a fan base in which may someday turn into your collector base. 

Check out my website at JulieTownsendStudio.com

I wanted to share my message I received yesterday from a Facebook friend that lives in Washington state:

"You inspired me to try. I never knew you as "an artist" perhaps you always were and I just didn't know it, but you are always sharing your journey of learning, struggles and all, and I love your work and dedication. So just know, that you have inspired me to be brave and try something I Don't have much confidence while doing. That's a big thing for me. Usually I just stick to what I know and operate within those bounds. Thanks for the encouragement to go for something new. Now I only wish you were closer so I could take you up on art classes."

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