Monday, March 2, 2015


If you like my work I would love to hear from you.  Also please check out my online gallery at my website at Julie Townsend Studio

My "Nevada in Shades of Silver and Gold" was hung yesterday, March 1st at the Laughlin, Nevada library gallery.  The artwork will be hung until April 25th so I'm hoping to drive the 100 + miles to go check it out.  Let me know if you happen to be in Laughlin and decide to check it out.  I would love to see pictures!

It has been a busy a week in the studio and I am pretty excited how some of my pieces have turned out.  I keep selling cowbells, which make me happy and a 4th retail location has added them to their inventory.  YEAH!!!

There is a very nice art show event that is coming up here in Las Vegas and entries must be finished in May so I've turned my brushes and pens to more of a western flare.  The Annual Elks Club Helldorado Parade and Rodeo has a fantastic art show and I want to have 3-4 entries ready to go so that has been my focus this past week.

New Western Piece-Not Titled Yet

I'm still working on a name for this 12x12 acrylic piece but "Six Shooter" probably will part of the name.   I have made some slight additions to the final piece that are not reflected here.  I have added a small explosion at the end of each barrell so the rider isn't just showing the guns but is actually firing the pistols.  I'm pretty excited about how this has turned out.

Ink Sketch of my Dad

This is a pen and ink sketch I did of my dad as a young rodeo cowboy.  The reference photo is one of 3 newspaper clippings we have that show him in action.  I have painted this photo last year but this year I wanted to enter a sketch in the show.

Touching up older pieces this week

These are two pieces I painted at the end of 2014 but wasn't completely happy with how they turned out.  Sometimes it takes a while to actually finish a piece because there are changes that are decided on down the road. This week I have pulled both of them out of the closet and started repainting them.   The beach scene was flat and lacked a story.  Adding an old fence, a sandy path and a sign that reads "Beach" gives me want to check it out.  

The snow scene was first painted with a deer in the foreground but it never seemed like a good fit to me.  I decided to paint that out and put a heavy snow ladden pine tree in the front andI think the composition is much better.  I added more blue to the snow and just added a sparkles of white to give that glisten you see when the sun shines on it.  


Kokopelli cowbell-SOLD

Lighthouse cowbell-SOLD

Sunflower cowbell- SOON TO BE SOLD

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