Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Cowbell Stampeed!

It has been a Cowbell Frenzy in my Las Vegas Studio the past few days.  It started out with a request for a commission piece of a horse for the daughter of my cousin and then several additional orders were then requested.  I ended up almost finishing my 7th bell yesterday and I am happy to report that they are all sold!  I continue to be amazed and blessed at the popularity of these small pieces of art.  

I've pulled out 4 of my USPS medium rate shipping boxes and it is now time to get my assembly line shipping process in full swing.  I have (2) double orders and this box is perfect because I can ship 2 bells in the box for the same cost.  I have established an account with USPS and can order these free boxes in larger quantities to be delivered directly to my home.  I don't have to visit the local post office and hope they have enough boxes for me.  

Another great tool I have found just recently is invoicing on Paypal.  All I need is an email address and I can invoice the collector and they have the convenience of paying with a credit card.  The small fee that Paypal charges is well worth the convenience and security for me.  No longer am I waiting for a check to arrive in the mail before I can ship off the artwork.  This has really made the process less stressful for me.  I actually woke up this morning and sent an invoice to one happy client from my iPad while still enjoying the comfort of my bed.  What a day we live in!  Paypal also allows me print out a prepaid shipping label so I don't have to wait in line at the post office to ship.  I know that I can schedule a pick-up of my boxes but haven't done that yet.  I think this might just be the right time to see how that works.

The results of a weekend of cowbell painting!

The cost to order a cowbell is $65, which includes shipping if shipped in the continental US.  A $10 additional charge may apply if you are interested in a custom design.  Just message me you are interested in placing an order.  Mother's Day is coming and they make GREAT one of a kind gifts!

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