Thursday, January 10, 2019

Creative Space = Messy Space- NO MORE

I know I am probably the only artist, crafter or online seller that has this problem so I will just write this blog for myself.  For me creativity often leads to messy disorganization.  I know the two don't have to go hand in hand, but for me these two have become BFF's.  2019 is going to be my change year.

I need to feel that I can have spontaneous creativity without spending extra time just trying to clean off a space for it.  I don't need my studio "Pretty" but I do need it "Organized" with space to work.  One of the first things I have changed in my studio is the installation of slatwall display panels.  I picked these up from a gallery I belonged to that had to close in October of last year.  That was a sad event but these panels are a blessing for me.  The studio is still in transition so there is still plenty of messy at the moment but hopefully not for much longer.

I'm not so worried about the aesthetics of how they are hung as much as they are no longer stacked in the corner getting scratched, chipped or torn.  I can now have a view of what I have available and the framing I can use for future displays.  I've got about 20' in my studio and another 12' in a spare bedroom next to the studio.

This week I also added this beautiful workbench to the room.  My initial plan was to install about 6 foot of countertop with 2 drawer base units.  I did find one unfinished base until on the "As Is" section of Lowes and picked it up for $50.  So now I have plenty of drawers and work space to create.

One thing I wanted to use this work surface for was to have a quick set up area for taking product photos of my artwork.  I'm just using 2 sheets of white cardboard and diffused studio lighting at opposite corners of the room and this work bench is going to be perfect for that.  I can set up in a jiffy if I don't have to clear the space.

It will also serve as an area to use my laminator, my fancy new cutting machine and also a big enough surface for matting prints and putting together my greeting cards.  I'm super excited about the growth I've seen in my art business and I need to bring my little studio to the next level.

I'm going to close today's blog with a few new product pictures that I took last night using my new work surface and my iPhone 10.  They didn't turn out half bad.  All of which are currently available on my Etsy Shop and now on EBay  so head over there and check them out.

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