Sunday, January 27, 2019

The Rooster Wins

#3 drawing- the Rooster
I love the creative process.  From the idea to the sketch to the final composition.  Oh at times it can be frustrating but over all I find joy in "Pulling it all together". Often, I find myself becoming consumed with the process that I am working on.  You know, waking up in the middle of the night thinking about painting cows or a cute image popping into your head at the craziest times.

That is how this little fun project turned out.  I had seen a picture of three cows peeking out behind a barn door and I just couldn't help but think I wanted to adapt that concept into my own artwork.

#1 drawing of the cow
It all began as 3 separate and rather simple sketches in my sketchbook.  Oh, I could draw all 3 together but I like the freedom that I feel when I just draw separate elements.  Photoshop allows me to arrange my composition and clean up the little mistakes that a pen and ink sketch won't allow.  Now that I have it figured out I just might offer a colored pencil or painted rendition.

#2 drawing of the pig
It started with this little cow sketch I began on Thursday night and finished it up on Friday afternoon.  Since I was responsible for the art gallery in Boulder City all day on Friday I even had time to finish the pig sketch, the second sketch in the series.

Yesterday, I found myself in one of those "CONSUMED" moments.  My goal was to clean my house and I kept trying to stay on task with that goal but my mind kept wondering back to the fact that I needed a third farm animal. I knew it must be a feisty rooster that was in my head but I just hadn't met him yet.  Needless to say, the mopping just had to wait.   I didn't even take the time to take a photo of the rooster while he was still in my sketchbook.  The minute he was finished, I ripped him out and threw him on the scanner so that he could join his barnyard buddies in their digital PNG world.

So here are a few of the final images all put together.  I arranged them in reverse order of the usual "Farm Animal Stack" we see.  The cow, then a pig and finally the rooster on top.  I even played around with adding a mouse in there but decided that it made it too busy and beside it breaks the hard and fast rule of odds. (Odd numbers are more interesting than even numbered subjects)

I used the images to design not only a poster but added a greeting card and sticker to the lineup.  I've already made them available on my Etsy Shop for purchase and they will soon be showing on my Website Redbubble (this site allows you to order all kinds of products with my art on them) and EBay, hopefully later today.

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