Wednesday, January 30, 2019

The Sound of 100 Cowbells

Something to Crow About
Can you believe we are approaching the end of the first month of 2019?  I mean most of us, if asked to put a date on something are still writing 2018 by force of habit.  How long does it take you to make that transition?  By now we have all probably settled into our new year routines and have more than likely already broken some of our New Years resolutions made in earnest just a few weeks earlier.

Rather than a resolution this year, I made the decision to embrace a “Word” that I want to define my 2019.  I wanted to choose just one word but a word that has significance when considered.  I have decided that my word for the year of 2019 is “Focus”.   Focus on my art business, focus on my health, focus on relationships and my walk with the Lord.  Focus is something I often find lacking in my life now that I am retired from the traditional workforce. I had a stressful, demanding job for years and when you have a career and face constant deadlines you must focus on the tasks.  I also kept notes and to do lists be it how sloppy they appeared they helped keep me focused.  Now that I am retired, I find myself sometimes struggling with creating the urgency to spend time in my studio.  There is no longer board meetings, inspections, audits, payroll or a million other things needing my attention, so staying FOCUSED at this time in my life has a new challenge to it.

There is also a real balance that I must maintain because I never want my art to become boring or a drudgery.  I don't want to loose the joy in creating but I must stay creating new art and plenty of it if I want to see growth in my bottom line.

#100- Cowbells Sold
Always Greener
Nothing ignites that creative fire for me like a few art sales and January has been on FIRE!  I have had the joy of parting with 4 original paintings and the sale of my 100th COWBELL.  What a month! What is amazing to me is that all of the 4 original art pieces that sold came from connections I have made directly or via Facebook and not from the assistance of a gallery.  Only the cowbell was sold with the aide of the Boulder City Art Gallery.  This is what I want to see.  I want to see more and more of my income generated from online or direct sales because after all, who better to promote me than me?

In closing, I just thought I would share a last look at each of the original paintings that I said farewell to in this month.

Morning Reflection

Edge of the Herd

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