Sunday, January 13, 2019

He Owns All the COWS, BIRDS and the BUGS too!

Psalms 50:10-12- Verse of the Day

Every once in a while it does us good to go back to the scripture and put things into priority.  We spend so much of our time acquiring, collecting, managing and maintaining our earthly possessions that we loose sight of the fact that ownership of things of this world is a farce. Yes, I might have the title to the car I drive and the deed to my home is in my files, but when I graduate this life, those slips of paper aren't coming with me.

The things we think we OWN are just that, THINGS and they don't really belong to us.  In Psalms 50:12 God tells us that "for the world is mine and all that is in it."  That is a lot of cows!

There you have it... We are just borrowing all this stuff (and some of us have a LOT more stuff than other).  The world is here for us to enjoy and take care of.  We are kind of like the "STAFF" helping take care of the estate.

Me holding "Happy Cows" right after it was finished
The artwork here on the "Verse of the Day" meme is my original acrylic painting called "Happy Cows".  I made a few edits and added a some digital flowers here and there.  I felt it fit the verse perfectly.  If you are interested in owning the original artwork or a print than you can check it out on my website at I also have a Facebook Studio Page @JulieTownsendStudio that you can follow.  I post all my newest artwork there first.  Feel free to share this meme with your friends.

Sold at the Boulder City Art Gallery
One other exciting piece of news this week that also is "COW" connected...I sold my 100th cowbell yesterday at the Boulder City Gallery.  It has just been 4 years since I painted my very first cowbell and here I am hitting such a milestone.  I am so blessed by this.  Here is that very special bell that I just finished a couple weeks ago.  I'm so glad she is off to a new home.

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