Thursday, January 24, 2019

Trying to Smile When My Heart is Breaking

There are days that I just want to fall down weeping as my heart breaks for this country.  I can't even  imagine how grieved our Heavenly Father is.  We have turned our backs on God as a nation and run blindly to every foolish whim and distraction. Lifting up evil and mocking truth.  Worse yet, we sacrifice our children and call it "a beautiful public service", with cheers, celebrations and standing ovations.  My heart is sick.

What can I do as one individual in a sea of madness? I wish my written words just flowed smoothly and persuasively, causing all those that read them to pause and give reflection to my concerns.  I know I can pray more and help point those around me to the truth.  I can vote for the best political candidates at each election even though that has seemed a futile effort lately.

One thing I do know, that we all grew up hearing that a "Picture is Worth a Thousand Words" and so with that in mind I've determined that I'm going to use my talent and creativeness to bring a smile and maybe just a moment of happiness to this very dark world.  I know, it is probably just a pipe dream, after all it is just a little mouse with a donut drawing or a painting of a cow licking her nose.  I have no earth shattering revelations that can cause hearts to change but if I can make you smile, even if it is just a little smile, I feel I have done something positive to counter act all the negative.  It doesn't feel as if I'm doing enough to make any real kind of difference in the world but I must remind myself that "While it may seem small, the ripple effects of small things is extraordinary." (Matt Bevin)

This is one of the reasons that I've started in 2019 to bring together my artwork with scripture or impactful quotes that can be used as shareable memes.  Of course, marketing and branding of my artwork is also a motive for me but I'm finding my own day is improved greatly as I consider what my next meme will look like. 

This one is my latest meme and the title of this piece is so apropos to what I've been talking about in this blog post.  I call this painting, "Casting Out the Darkness".  Isn't that a perfect title to go along with Psalms 12?  "I lift my eyes to the hills, where does my help come from?  My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of Heaven and Earth." 

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