Monday, January 7, 2019

Soon to be Cricut Crazy

I have a total of 24 Etsy listings that are for stickers.  I know many would think it is a waste of my time to make stickers but truth be told, I find the whole process fun.  From the design, the printing and even the cutting them out with scissors.  Well maybe not the cutting part so much.

I love taking my artwork and adapting it to fit onto different formats.  Another benefit is that I am able to have multiple Etsy listings and it has given my shop statistically a number of sales and good ratings.  That is a really good thing in the world of Etsy Shops.  I believe that it will eventually result in the increase of sales of my prints and original art.  Well at least that is my hope.

This year I have added several new items to my home studio and one of them is the addition of a Cricut Explore Air 2.  Of course I have no clue how to use it at the moment but I'm sure I will have fun learning the process.  I anticipate not only using it to cut out my stickers more quickly and professionally but I am anxious to create some new greeting card designs that feature not only my artwork but some fancy scroll cuts.  In 2018 I had $788 in greeting card sales and $104 in Sticker sales.  With the investment of cutting machine, I hope to at least triple my sales in both categories for 2019. 

Here are just a few of my stickers available on my Etsy Shop- Julie Townsend Studio on Etsy

Stickers really are a lot of fun.  They just brighten up any surface that you put them on.  This calf licking his nose is my number one sticker seller, followed closely by the little chickadee.

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